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Trap League
The Tuesday & Wednesday Evening trap leagues are provided by The Family Shooting Center at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, Colorado.
Briefly, the leagues are composed of up to 30 shooters broken into from 3 to 5 member teams which meet each Tuesday & Wednesday to compete and have fun.
No membership is required and once the league fee is paid each member is placed into a team to shoot each week for 10 weeks.
Each week each shooter will shoot from the 16 yard line and from a handicap yardage determined by either their average from their last league participation or their performance from the 21 yard line after the first two weeks.
Team and individual awards will be presented to the top teams and individuals. League details can be found on the main menu under "Trap League Information"
Other than the league fee, each shooter will need to provide a shotgun, adequate shells each week, eye and ear protection (eye & ear protection and ammunition can be purchased and a shotgun can be rented at the FSC office).
Access to the state park is also the responsibility of the shooter so a season pass is recommended.

This Website
This website is provided by me, Donnie A. Kauger, for the use of those participating in the Family Shooting Center's Tuesday & Wednesday Evening Trap Leagues and those considering participating.
Since I once participated in the trap league, this web page was initially created as a means for me to keep track on how I was progressing. I decided to expand it's funcionality to include all participating in the leagues and publish it onto the web.
Family Shooting Center management is the final authority on all FSC information, dates and pricing and is not responsible for the content of this web site.
A link to the Family Shooting Center can be found on the "Contacts & Links Page" on the main menu.
For the best experience, your monitor resolution should be set to a minimum of 1024x768 pixels.

Here you will find:
1. Adobe Acrobat excerpts from the main Excel spreadsheet used by the league secretary to enter the weekly scores and calculate averages, handicaps, team standings, etc.

2. Tools which provide feedback to the shooter on their current scores and averages during the league plus tools providing their current performance in relation to their peers.
Note: The individual shooters scores and percentages are derived from the data provided by the current league secretary and is to allow them to track their progress throughout the league. The only data used for these calculations is the number of clays broken and the yardage that the shooter is assigned for handicap. This data is in no way used to calculate the winners of any league competition.

3. Forms to register for league participation and league rules. Also, information concerning FSC's Centennial State Shooting Club.

4. A link to Cherry Creek's weather and links to other sites of interest.

5. A link & contacts page with contact information and links to sites pertaining to the Trap Leagues and other shooting related web sites.

6. Information about all of The Family Shooting Center's clay target opportunities.

There are three leagues held each year, Spring, Summer and Fall. Access to these three leagues data is provided on the main page while older data is archived and also accessed from the main page. The current league's data is indicated by the WHITE clay on the menu.

The scores are provided to me weekly after the shoots. I then process the data and post it. I don't have access to the handicap squads, traps or positions until the shoot. The upcoming team matchups and traps are static and are posted in the "Team Pairing" pdf file.
The status of this process is posted on the main page under "League Data" directly under the three league page links. Check this status to determine when the latest shoot's data has been posted.

Other pertinent data will be posted under "League News".

Direct any comments or suggestions pertaining to this site to me with the Webmaster link near the bottom of the main page, the "Contacts & Links Page" on the main menu or click HERE.
Direct any comments or questions pertaining to the data content displayed ( scores, team standings, etc. ) to the current league secretary.
A link for this purpose is provided on the current league page ( Spring, Summer, Fall ) and the "Contacts & Links Page" on the main menu.

Donnie A. Kauger

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